About American Fairfield Inc.

American Fairfield Inc. is a prominent distributor of semiconductor packaging materials, offering comprehensive process design and solutions along with robust technical support as a valuable complement to high-tech trading enterprises. Since its official establishment on February 12, 2004, American Fairfield Inc. has demonstrated consistent growth and has evolved into an internationally recognized agency, achieving an impressive sales growth rate exceeding 50% annually. In order to enhance market presence, branches and offices have been established in key locations including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu, Changzhou, and other strategic cities.

The notable range of products provided by Fairfield encompasses semiconductor packaging materials, microwave communication components, and other related industries. This comprehensive product portfolio includes chip binders, chip envelopes, bonding materials such as gold wire and aluminum wire, solder, edge glue, LED encapsulation materials, power modules, inverters, drive modules, and various specialized irrigation materials. Additionally, Fairfield offers thermal materials, circuit board cavities, housing components, abrasive materials, heat sinks, and more.irrigation materials, thermal materials, Circuit plate cavity, housing, abrasive material, heat sink, etc




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