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American Fairfield Inc.

Silver Paste for LEDs

Silver Paste for LEDs

Silver paste is a crucial material in the LED industry, primarily used for die attachment and interconnection in LED chip packaging. Here are some key points about silver paste for LED applications:
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  • Outstanding Thermal Conductivity

    Ensures efficient heat transfer, crucial for thermal management in electronic devices.

  • Outstanding Electrical Performance

    Maintains electrical insulation while providing superior thermal conductivity.

  • Pressureless Sintering Capability

    Allows for sintering without the need for external pressure, simplifying the manufacturing process.

  • Outstanding Interface Reliability

    Ensures a reliable interface between components, reducing the risk of failure.

  • Outstanding Workability (Dispensable)

    Easy to work with, making it suitable for a variety of application methods.

  • Low Temperature Sintering Capability

    Can sinter at low temperatures, reducing energy consumption and enabling the use of sensitive components.

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  • LED lighting

  • Consumer electronics

  • Power electronics

  • Automotive electronics

  • Aerospace

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