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American Fairfield Inc.

Optical Modulator Housing

Optical Modulator Housing

AMETEK ECP's modulator housing design is engineered to deliver versatility and reliability, catering to the demands of today's high-performance optical equipment. Our housing is specifically tailored to accommodate optical devices used in 100G and 400G applications for long-haul, metro, and data center interfaces.

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  • Versatility

    Our housing design is versatile, capable of meeting the diverse needs of modern optical equipment.

  • Reliability

    Built with reliability in mind, ensuring consistent performance even in demanding environments.

  • High-Performance

    Designed to support optical devices for 100G and 400G applications, meeting the requirements of high-speed data transmission.

  • Small Form Factor (SFF) Option

    We also offer a Small Form Factor (SFF) housing footprint compliant with the OIF 100G Implementation Agreement, providing a compact yet efficient solution for space-constrained applications.

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  • Long-haul optical networks

  • Metro optical networks

  • Data center interfaces

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  • Housing

    • Material: Stainless steel, cold-rolled steel, Kovar, high-Nickel alloys (Monel, Inconel, Hymu-80)
    • Construction: Single-piece machined, multi-piece machined

  • DC Connectors

    • Construction: Direct seal, brazed terminals, welded connector
    • Insulator: Glass, alumina
    • Leads: Flat or round, straight or gull-winged

  • RF Connectors

    • Construction: Direct seal, brazed terminals, welded connector
    • Insulator: Glass, alumina
    • Inside Termination: Rounded end, straight cut, turned down, flattened
    • Outside Termination: SMA series, SMPx series, FPC, S-BEND

  • Ceramic Feedthrough (in development)

    Input/Output Ports

    • Construction: Integrally machined in the housing, multi-piece brazed or welded
    • Design: Straight, angled, single or dual, round or square or rectangular, slots or holes provided for soldering
    • Plating: General, selective

  • Plating

    • Metals: Ni (electrolytic or electroless), Au (electrolytic or electroless), Ag, Pd
    • Type: General, selective

  • Workmanship and Performance Standards

    • JEDEC Standard 9
    • Mil-Std-883
    • Mil-Std-202
    • Telcordia
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