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Hard Solder by SUMITOMO

Hard Solder by SUMITOMO

In the assembly of semiconductor packages, including power transistors, intergrated circuits and optical and microwave devices, using a variety of solder / brazing materials based on gold, tin and other materials, we offer a variety of high quality solders to achieve low void bongding, to form strips, lines, wafers, balls and other shapes through precision finishing.


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  • Sealed ceramic packaging
  • Bonding of compound semiconductor chips
  • Bonding of ceramic substrate and heat sink
  • Used as evaporation material on the back of the chip


Wafers(disks or frames, etc.), strips, balls, lines, spindles, etc.

Sumitomo Electric Industries produces high-quality solder wires that are widely used in various industries such as electronics, automotive, and telecommunications. Their hard solder wires are designed to have a higher melting point and provide strong, durable connections.