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American Fairfield Inc.

Bare Chip Bonding Materials

Bare Chip Bonding Materials

Our product line includes a variety of bonding materials suitable for LED, COB, or various IC packaging needs. These materials come in one-component/two-component forms, with options for conductive/insulating properties, high thermal conductivity, fast curing, and low-temperature curing.
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American Fairfield Inc.


Our product range is tailored to meet a wide array of semiconductor IC packaging needs where electrical conductivity is not a primary concern. Among our offerings is a silver-filled conductive adhesive that stands out for its exceptional thermal conductivity. This adhesive is engineered for fast curing, making it particularly well-suited for applications where rapid assembly is crucial.

American Fairfield Inc.


The remarkable thermal conductivity of our silver-filled conductive adhesive ensures optimal performance in demanding environments, such as those found in microprocessor, power semiconductor, and VLSI assembly applications. Its rapid curing properties further enhance efficiency and productivity in manufacturing processes.

American Fairfield Inc.

MD 161

Additionally, our adhesive exhibits excellent electrical conductivity, making it an ideal choice for applications that require precise dispensing through small nozzles. This feature facilitates accurate application, ensuring precise placement and strong adhesion in intricate assembly processes.

American Fairfield is dedicated to offering a range of Bonding Materials that are of superior quality and can handle the specific requirements of the electronics sector. Our collection of Bonding Materials is carefully curated to ensure robust, reliable, and efficient connections in various electronic applications.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Bonding Materials

In the intricate electronic assembly and manufacturing world, suitable Bonding Materials are crucial in ensuring electronic devices' longevity, performance, and reliability. Our Bonding Materials are specifically formulated to cater to these essential requirements, offering superior adhesion, conductivity, and durability.

  • Wide Selection for Diverse Needs

Our range of Bonding Materials includes epoxies, silicones, acrylics, and more, each serving specific purposes in electronic manufacturing. Whether you need high-strength structural bonding, thermal management, or electrical conductivity materials, our collection has the right solution.

  • Innovative Formulations for Advanced Applications

The Bonding Materials we offer are developed using the latest technological advancements. They are designed to provide optimal performance in various applications, from consumer electronics to sophisticated aerospace components.

  • Customizable Solutions for Your Specific Requirements

Understanding that each project has unique demands, many of our Bonding Materials can be tailored in terms of viscosity, curing time, and thermal and electrical properties to suit specific application needs.

Why Choose American Fairfield for Bonding Materials?

At American Fairfield, we are committed to providing top-tier Bonding Materials that meet the evolving demands of the electronics industry. We prioritize innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction to
guarantee that our products meet and surpass industry standards.

Applications of Bonding Materials

Our versatile Bonding Materials find application in a range of electronic devices. They are adept at serving diverse electronic needs:

  • Semiconductor Packaging: Ensuring reliable connections in semiconductor chips and modules.
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly: Providing robust bonding solutions for components on PCBs.
  • LED Attachment: Enhancing the performance and lifespan of LED lights.
  • Power Electronics: Ensuring efficient heat dissipation and strong bonds in high-power devices.
  • Aerospace and Automotive Electronics: Delivering durability and reliability in demanding environments.

Enhance Connections – Get Bonding Materials Now!

Get ready to raise your electronic projects to new heights with American Fairfield! Our products surpass industry standards and prioritize quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

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