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Silver Paste for Semiconductor

Silver Paste for Semiconductor

Silver paste is a type of conductive material that is commonly used in the production of semiconductors. It is made up of tiny particles of silver suspended in a liquid binder, and is applied to the semiconductor using a process called screen printing.
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  • Sintered Nano-Silver Paste CT2700R7S

    Our Sintered Nano-Silver Paste CT2700R7S is a high-performance material designed for demanding applications in the semiconductor and LED industries.

  • Low-Stress Silver Paste CT2001E

    Our Low-Stress Silver Paste CT2001E is specifically designed to provide lightweight and high reliability in various applications.

Sintered Nano-Silver Paste CT2700R7S


  • High Thermal Conductivity: Achieves thermal conductivity of 200W/m•K or more, ensuring efficient heat transfer.
  • Electrical Conductivity: Provides excellent electrical conductivity, crucial for reliable performance in electronic devices.
  • Low Temperature Bonding: Can be bonded using a low-temperature, pressure-free process, minimizing thermal stress on components.


  • Semiconductor Devices Bonding: Ideal for bonding semiconductor devices, ensuring secure and efficient connections.
  • Power Devices Bonding: Suitable for bonding materials in power devices, maintaining high performance under demanding conditions.
  • High Power LEDs Bonding: Used as a bonding material in high-power LEDs, ensuring efficient heat dissipation and long-term reliability.
  • High-Temperature Lead Solder Replacement: Offers a reliable alternative to high-temperature lead solder, providing a safer and more environmentally friendly solution.

Low-Stress Silver Paste CT2001E


  • Low-Stress Formula: Utilizes low-stress, low specific gravity silicon oxide filling and silver plating conductivity to achieve lightweight and high reliability.
  • Low Moisture Absorption: Ensures minimal moisture absorption, maintaining the integrity of the bond over time.
  • High Adhesive Strength: Provides strong adhesion, ensuring reliable bonding between components.


  • Suitable for applications where lightweight and high reliability are crucial, such as aerospace, automotive, and electronic industries.

Reliability Optimization:

  • To improve reliability, the resin formulation has been optimized based on the above three points, enhancing the overall reliability of the product.