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Excellent heat dissipation combined with high thermal expansion of semiconductor chips makes DO/Al materials very suitable for use in packaging of microelectronics and optoelectronic products required for high thermal conductivity. Because the thermal conductivity is as high as 500W/mK and the coefficient of thermal expansion is only 6.1 ppm/K (40 to 100°C), the DO/Al heat sink can provide a very attractive solution for most packaging types.

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  • Thermal conductivity 500W/mK

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  • Coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE)matches with different semiconductor materials

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  • Heat sink can be nickel plated or chemical plated

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  • Very high maching accuracy and excellent surfaceplanarization

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  • Easy processing guarantees rapid sample preparation and sample reworkability.

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  • Specialized engineering and technical personnel assist costomers in designing application components.

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  • Plane, irregular shape, step geometry processing can be completed.

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DO/Al Material Property

  • Thermal conductivity: 500W/mK
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE)
  • 40-100°C:6.1 ppm/K
  • 40-200°C:7.1 ppm/K
  • 40-300°C:7.9 ppm/K
  • Density:3.17 g/cc
  • Flex strength:206 MPa
  • Modulus:309 GPa
  • Specific heat:0.62 J/gK
  • Conductivity:3.7 x 10-7ohm•m
  • Melting point:570°C
  • Diamond content:57(Vol%)

Precision Machining Property

  • Tolerance
  • Plane direction ±0.1-0.15mm
  • Thickness direction ±0.1mm
  • Surface planarization(Ra) 
  • 0.30μm before electroplating
  • 0.40μm after electroplating

Metallization Property

  • Bottom plating
  • Chemical nickel-plating 1-10μm±0.5μm
  • Outer plating
  • Chemical gold-plating 0.03-0.1μm
  • Gold plating 0.5-5μm±0.5μm


  • Power device packaging
  • RF, microwave,centimeter wave products: - LDMOS FET - HBT - MESFET; - Bipolar - HEMT - MMIC
  • Laser diode - Pluse - CW - Single Emitters Bars
  • Complex machined housing for theproduction of optoelectronic products: - Amplifiers - Receiver - Transmitters;
    - Tunable Lasers Modulators
  • Light-emitting diodes and detectors

The thermal expansion coefficient of the DO/Al heat sink is perfectly matched to semiconductor chip materials such as Si, GaN, GaAs, and SiC.