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American Fairfield Inc.

Solder Paste

Solder Paste

Solder paste is a type of material used in electronics assembly to join surface mount components to printed circuit boards (PCBs). It consists of a mixture of tiny metal particles, flux and a binder that holds the entire mixture together.


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  • Consistent print performance to 0.5AR
  • Low QFN/BGA voiding
  • Excellent shelf life, 1 year in both refrigerated and room temperature
  • Exceptional printing relax & recovery, and printer friendly


  • Classified as ROL0 per J-STD 004B
  • Halogen-Free
  • Low voiding potential under QFNs
  • Excellent activity and printability
  • Very low graping
  • Reflowable in air and nitrogen conditions
  • Wide reflow profile window with good solder-ability on various PCB surface finish



  • Zero-halogen (none intentionally added)
  • Reliable residues in harsh modified SIR testing with forced condensation points
  • Reflowable in air and nitrogen
  • Consistent print performance to 0.55AR
  • Low QFN/BGA voiding



  • Superior reflow characteristics
  • Classified as ORM0 per J-STD-004B
  • Excellent activity and printability
  • Zero-Halogen (none intentionally added)
  • Wide reflow profile window with good solderability
  • Reflowable in air and nitrogen conditions
  • Cleaning can be accomplished with heated de-ionized water