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American Fairfield Inc.

Back Grind Tape

Back Grind Tape

The Back Grind Tape by AMC is a high-quality protective tape designed for use in semiconductor wafer back-grinding applications. This tape provides critical protection to the active side of the wafer during the grinding process, preventing damage and contamination while ensuring high-quality results.


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Precision Application:

The Back Grind Tape is designed to be applied with high precision and accuracy, ensuring complete coverage of the wafer surface and optimal protection during the grinding process.

Superior Adhesion:

The tape offers exceptional adhesion to the wafer surface, even under the high-stress conditions of the back-grinding process. This ensures that the tape remains securely in place, providing reliable protection against damage and contamination.


Clean Removal:

The Back Grind Tape is easy to remove after the grinding process, leaving no residue or damage on the wafer surface. This simplifies post-process cleaning, reducing the risk of contamination and improving overall product quality.


The tape is compatible with a wide range of wafer sizes, thicknesses, and materials, making it a versatile and reliable choice for semiconductor manufacturers.

Back Grind Tape by AMC is a high-performance solution for semiconductor back-grinding applications, offering superior adhesion, precision application, clean removal, and broad compatibility. With its advanced features and reliable performance, this tape is an essential tool for any semiconductor manufacturer seeking to optimize the quality and yield of their products.