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Brazing Powder & Paste

Brazing Powder & Paste

Turbine engines, especially fuel system components, are manufactured using brazing pastes. Gold, gold-nickel, and gold-nickel-palladium alloys are suitable choices for high temperature aerospace applications because of their high strength, high ductility, and high corrosion and oxidation resistance.

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  • Versatile

    In some instances, joint orientation may not be conducive to preform placement (ex. on a vertical plane)

  • Complex Geometry

    In certain situations, paste can help eliminate expensive tooling and non-recurring engineering charges

  • Capillary Kicker

    Used when larger than ideal gaps exist between the preform and the entrance of the braze joint

Brazing powder and paste are commonly used in joining metal components by melting and flowing a filler metal into the joint. The filler metal used in brazing powder and paste can be a variety of alloys that melt at a lower temperature than the base metals being joined. This allows the joining process to be performed without compromising on the structural integrity of the base metals.

  • Silver-based alloys:

    These alloys are known for their excellent thermal conductivity and high strength. They are commonly used in aerospace, automotive, and electrical applications.

  • Copper-based alloys:

    These alloys are ideal for attaching copper and brass components. They are commonly used in refrigeration, air conditioning, and plumbing applications.

  • Nickel-based alloys:

    These alloys offer high-temperature resistance and excellent corrosion resistance. They are commonly used in the chemical processing, power generation, and petrochemical industries.

  • Aluminum-based alloys:

    These alloys are commonly used for joining aluminum components in the automotive, aerospace, and electrical industries.

Most brazing alloys are available in paste and powder form. The paste consists of powder, flux, and binder which can be customized to suit your applications and automation systems. Many packaging options are available.