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Tacky Solder Flux

Tacky Solder Flux

Tacky solder flux is a type of soldering flux that is designed to provide a tacky, sticky consistency to prevent components from moving during the soldering process. It is typically used in electronic assembly and repair applications.

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When soldering components onto a printed circuit board or other electronic assembly, it is important to keep the components in place during the soldering process to ensure accurate placement and proper electrical connections. Tacky solder flux helps to achieve this by providing a sticky surface that holds the components in place.

Tacky solder flux typically contains rosin, an organic material derived from pine trees, which gives the flux its tacky properties. Other ingredients may be added to the flux to improve its performance, such as solvents to help dissolve oxides on the metal surfaces being joined.

Tacky solder flux is available in various forms, including paste, liquid, and solid form. The paste form is the most common, as it is easy to apply using a syringe or brush. Tacky solder flux also comes in different types, such as no-clean and water-soluble, depending on the specific application requirements.

  • TSF-WS917

    is a water-soluble tacky soldering flux formula with a unique halogen-free activator system featuring.

  • TSF-6522RH

    is a rosin based, no-clean tacky soldering flux formula designed to be compliant with IEC 61249-2-21 definition for halide-free materials and features.r

  • TSF-ULR18

    is a no-clean, ultra-low residue tacky flux featuring:

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  • 12 month shelf life
  • 24 hour pot life
  • Room temperature storage conditions (0-30°C) Halogen-Free (no intentionally added halogens) Reflowable in air and nitrogen
  • Post reflow residues are easily removed with hot DI water (40°C)
  • Highly active and strong solderability performance Designed to attain stable viscosity even at high temperature staging(up to 50°C)


  • Highly active and good solderability performance
  • High tack values and long tack life
  • 6 month shelf life
  • Halogen-Free formulation
  • Can reflow in air and nitrogen environments
  • Designed for printing and dipping applications


  • Supports Flip Chip on Lead Frame, Ultra Fine Pitch Cu Pillar Bump and Micro-Solder Bump, 2.5D, 3D Packaging
  • Room temperature storage condition (0-30°C)
  • Post reflow residue of below 10% wt
  • Halogen-Free and Zero-Halogen formulations
  • Long pot life (24 hours)
  • 12 month shelf life
  • Underfill and mold compound compatible
  • Good wetting, solderability and solder bridging performance
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