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Dicing Tape by AMC

Dicing Tape by AMC

Dicing Tape offered by AMC is a high-quality adhesive tape used in semiconductor wafer dicing applications. The tape serves as a protective layer for the wafer during the dicing process and also helps to prevent damage to the diced chips.

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  • High Tensile Strength:

    The Dicing Tape has a high tensile strength, making it highly resistant to tearing or stretching during the dicing process. This ensures that the wafer is protected and maintained in its original state during the dicing process.

  • Strong Adhesive:

    The adhesive used in the Dicing Tape is formulated to provide strong adhesion to the wafer surface, ensuring that the tape remains firmly in place during the dicing process. The adhesive is also designed to be easy to remove after dicing, without leaving any residue on the diced chips.

  • Low Residual Stress:

    The Dicing Tape has low residual stress, which means that it minimizes the risk of wafer warpage or deformation during the dicing process. This results in higher yields and better quality diced chips.

  • Consistent Performance:

    The Dicing Tape is manufactured to stringent quality standards, ensuring that each roll delivers consistent performance. This reduces the risk of process variations or defects and helps to improve overall yields.

  • Wide Range of Sizes:

    The Dicing Tape is available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to meet the requirements of various wafer sizes and dicing applications.

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AUD1:Normal dicing PVC tape

  • AUD1 is a general purpose wafer dicing tape.
  • Prevent seepage, chip flying, chipping and easy to pick up after UV irradiation.

AUD5:CIS(CMOS Image sensor)dicing PVC tape

  • This tape is widely used in South Korea because there are good yield for CIS chip.
  • Prevent seepage, chip flying, chipping and easy to pick up after UV irradiation.

AUD7:Small die chip dicing PVC tape

  • PVC dicing tape with blue color for Small chip dicing.
  • Good to mark by laser through the tape.

AUF3:PCB & wafer dicing PO tape

  • Tape with strong adhesion and suitable for PCB dicing.
  • Good to Environment because of using PO film.

AU105-HA:Wafer dicing &glass filter protection PO tape

  • PO tape for wafer dicing and suitable for a packing glass during long time.
  • Especially after UV, no residue and smudges although long-term keeping.

AUP165-HC:Small die chip dicing tape & excellent marking readability

  • The high permeability of the tape makes the barcodes more readable.
  • It is possible to saw PACKAGE CHIP as small as 0.6 * 0.3mm without any problems.

AUP170-HC: Normal PKG dicing tape

  • This is a general package dicing tape which has high adhesion.
  • After UV irradiation, Chip can be easily released from the tape without any residue.

AUP1:Power QFN dicing tape

  • AUP1 can be kept holding while sawing the thick package like a PQFN, Ceramic etc.
  • After UV irradiation, Chip can be easily released from the tape without any residue.

AUP4:Small die package dicing tape & low odor type

  • This product is applicable to products with a packaging size of 3 * 3mm or less.
  • Provides a comfortable working environment with less odor after UV irradiation

AUG2:Glass & LED dicing PO tape

  • This tape has a strong adhesion using PET FILM.
  • It can be applied to materials that more require firmly keeping the chip during sawing, such as GLASS or LED material.

Dicing Tape by AMC is a high-performance solution for wafer dicing applications, offering high strength, strong adhesion, low residual stress, consistent performance, and a wide range of sizes. It is an essential component of the wafer dicing process and helps to ensure high yields and quality diced chips.