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American Fairfield Inc.

Thermal Conductive Materials

Thermal Conductive Materials

We offer a wide range of thermal adhesives, thermal gels and thermal greases for heat dissipation (heat conduction) applications of circuit boards and chips.


Thermal Conductive Adhesives

We offer epoxy, silicone, and special resin heat conductive adhesives, with constant temperature / low temperature curing, high strength, high thermal conductivity conductive / non conductive suitable for the application of heat dissipation, such as heat sink, flip chip, transformer, high power LED, etc. for bonding of various materials.

Thermal Conductive Grease

We offer epoxy and silicone thermal conductive grease with high thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, high reliability, simple operation, suitable for various processes, can be used for the applications requiring heat dissipation such as heat sinks, flip chips, transformer, high power LED, etc.

Thermal Conductive Gap Filler

Thermal Conductive Gap Filler is a type of material designed to fill gaps between heat-generating electronic components and heat dissipating devices like heat sinks or chassis in order to improve thermal conductivity and thermal management. They are commonly used in electronic applications where heat dissipation is critical, such as in LED lighting, automotive electronics, and computer systems.


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