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American Fairfield Inc.

TIMS Thermal Interface Materials Solutions

TIMS Thermal Interface Materials Solutions

Kester offers innovative thermal interface materials (TIMs) that are non-adhesive or inorganic, supporting revolutionary interconnect solutions and advancements in thermal dissipation.

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Challenges with Traditional TIMs

As junction resistance values decrease, traditional organic-based TIMs are reaching their limitations in high-performance power applications.

  • Material Selection Assistance:

    Refer to the table below for a listing of the thermal conductivity of common materials used in the microelectronic and electronic assembly industries. Metal or solder-based interconnect materials are currently being utilized in the most demanding thermal interface applications.

  • As junction resistance values steadily decrease, high performance power applications that use traditional organic based TIMs are quickly approaching their limitations.Solder based TIMs have the high thermal conductivity propertiesfor the next significant TIM interconnect solutions.

  • Whether your thermal dissipation improvements focus at the die level (TIM1) or at the interface between the heat spreader/lid to the active or passive heat sink(TIM2), Kester has createdinterconnect solutions to enable your next generation applications.Kester is a global solutions supplier to the Semiconductor Packaging Sector and recently has been a recipient of Intel’s prestigious Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) forthermal interface materials.