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American Fairfield Inc.

Chip Encapsulation

Chip Encapsulation

We offer encapsulating materials that meet the requirements of consumer or semiconductor grades, which are characterized by their ease of operation, high reliability, low stress, etc. They can be used for wire-bonding chip encapsulation, smart card encapsulation, or component mounting.

1.  One-component epoxy specifically designed to meet the needs of coating semiconductor devices on printed circuit boards, fast cure,

2.  One-component, semiconductor grade epoxy designed for the encapsulation of Chip-on-Board (COB) devices

Dam & Fill Encapsulants

Material filling, fast cure


1.  Suitable for high-end ceramic packaging and automotive electronics applications, the underfill of small size chips;

2.  Suitable for consumer grade and PCB applications, the underfill of small size chips;

3.  Suitable for the underfill of large size, fine pitch chips;

4.  High thermal conductive underfill;

5.  Suitable for encapsulation of high-density circuit areas in flip-chip packaged devices.

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