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PCB Waterproofing Protection

PCB Waterproofing Protection

Aculon's PCB waterproofing protection solutions are designed to protect printed circuit boards (PCBs) from water and other liquids. Water and moisture can be a major problem for electronics devices, causing corrosion, short circuits, and other defects that can lead to product failure.

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  • Aculon's waterproofing solutions are based on proprietary nanotechnology coatings that are applied to the surface of the PCBs. These coatings are extremely thin, measuring only a few nanometers in thickness, which means they do not add significant weight or bulk to the PCB.

  • The coatings are highly hydrophobic, which means they repel water and other liquids. This provides a barrier against moisture and helps to prevent corrosion and other damage to the PCB.

  • PCB Waterproofing Protection

    Aculon's PCB waterproofing protection solutions are also easy to apply and can be used with a variety of different substrates, including metals, plastics, and ceramics. They can be applied using a range of techniques, including spraying, dipping, and roll coating.



  • Improved Device Reliability Due To Protection Of PCBs From Water Damage
  • From Accidental Submersion (IPX-4), Immersion For 30 Minutes (IPX-7) To Prolonged Immersion (IPX-8)*
  • Reduced Product Returns Due To Device Failures
  • Reduced Cost As No Masking Required
  • Improved Yields As The Coating Enables Rework After Application
  • Can Be Applied Via Spray,Dip, Or Dispense, Eliminating Need For Costly Vacuum Equipment
  • Save Energy Compared To Vacuum Equipment
  • Improve Throughput As It Does Not Require Batch Production
  • Safe For Use In Factory Equipment - Non Toxic
  • Electrical Connection Unimpacted - No Impact On Signal Strength, Antenna Or Acoustic Performance
  • Flexible Coatings Resist Cracking/Flaking


  • Liquid At Room Temperature
  • Ability To Protect Many Substrates On A PCB
  • Post Treatment Water Contact Angle From 100°-120°
  • Post Treatment Oil Contact Angle Up To 76°
  • Push Through Connectivity On Some Products
  • Dry Time From 5-60 Minutes At Room Temperature
  • No Cure Required
  • UV Tracer

Conformal Coatings

  • Provides Effective Water Protection Full Submersion
  • Flexible Application Process: Spray, Dip, Dispense
  • Minimal Capital Equipment Required
  • Production Is Continuous Process, Not Batch
  • Treatment Allows Push Through Connectivity
  • Treatment Enables Rework - Lowers Internal Rejection Rate
  • No Masking Required - Can Even Coat Batteries 8、Fast Cycle Times <1Minute Vs1-5 Hours In Chamber
  • Safe. Non-Toxic