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Indium Thermal Interface Materials(TIM)

Indium Thermal Interface Materials(TIM)

Thermal interface materials are useful for a variety of applications, but solder thermal interface materials(sTIM) are especially suited to high-end device cooling. 
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  • To improve package reliability, it is especially important to choose the right alloy. Indium, in particular, should be considered as a sTIM because of its high thermal conductivity, compressibility (SMA-TIM), and ease of application.



Compressed Between Two Surfaces Without Reflow
(SMA-TIM) Soft Metal Alloy-TIM
The extreme malleability of indium allows it to minimize surface resistance
– thereby increasing heat flow. The graph below demonstrates this phenomenon.


Soldered Between Two Surfaces(sTIM) Solder-TIMUsed to further improve thermal resistance, this application may require the use of a flux to reduce oxides on soldering surfaces.


Another process that is used to create a thermal interface involves reflowing indium preforms onto each solderable surface. The indium-coated surfaces should be cleaned and pressed together to form a fluxless cold-weld solder joint.

  • No-Clean Soldering Flux for Indium Solder Thermal Interface Material SE-CURE 9665

    • Excellent soldering especially for Indium solder preform
    • Very low voiding even after multiple reflows for Indium TIM application
    • Classified as ROL0 per J-STD-004