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Heat Spreader - SbS

Heat Spreader - SbS

A heat spreader is a component used to distribute heat across a larger surface area, in order to improve thermal management in electronic devices. Heat spreaders are commonly used in electronic chip packages to help dissipate heat generated by the chip during operation.

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SbS (Side-by-Side) is a type of package configuration used for electronic chips, where two semiconductor chips are placed side-by-side within the same package. SbS packages are typically used for high-performance applications that generate a lot of heat, such as microprocessors and graphics cards.

When an SbS package is used, a heat spreader may be attached to the top of the package, covering both chips. The heat spreader helps to evenly distribute the heat generated by the chips across a larger surface area, improving thermal management and preventing hotspots from forming.

Common materials used for heat spreaders include copper, aluminum, and various alloys. The choice of material depends on factors such as thermal conductivity, weight, and cost. Additionally, there are different types of heat spreader designs, such as traditional flat plate designs or more complex designs with fins or other features to improve heat dissipation.