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American Fairfield Inc.

Magnet Coating

Magnet Coating

LORD® JMC-700K coating is a thermal-cure epoxy resin specially designed for thin film coating of heat sinks and magnets. LORD JMC-700K coating provides electrical insulation, heat resistance, and oil resistance with a singlecoat application. This coating can be used in a variety of automotive applications including cooling plates, heat sinks and motor magnets used in electric vehicles, as well as automotive parts and industrial machine applications.

Features & Benefits

Good Adhesion - provides strong adhesion to substrate.
Broad Temperature Range - can be used on parts and devices that experience operating temperatures from -40°C to +180°C.
Environmentally Resistant - provides excellent resistance to heat, oil and moisture.

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    • Excellent SST/PCT performance and high temp resistance
    • Excellent adhesion (RT/HT) with magnet substrate and structural adhesive
    • 5H-6H hardness to keep scratch awayduring assembly Low DFT
    • High insulation performance to keepeddy current away
    • Easy process, high productivity,lower total cost
    • Excellent surface properties
    • Over 10 year application experience


Surface Preparation

 – Thoroughly clean surfaces prior to coating application to remove all dirt, oil, grease and oxides.


– Thoroughly stir coating before use. If dilution is needed, use LORD JMC-700ST thinner or methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) as diluent.


– Apply coating by dip or spray methods. Regardless of application method, recommended dry film thickness of LORD JMC-700K coating is 10-100 micron.


– Allow coating to cure for 30 minutes at 180°C.
This time-at-temperature profile refers to the time the material should be allowed to cure once it reaches the target temperature. Allowance should be made for oven ramp rates, parts with large thermal mass and other circumstances that may delay the material actually reaching the target temperature.