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  • RL04 series
  • RL05 series
  • RF05 series


  • High adhesion: aluminum, copper, PET film, silver paste
  • Rapid hardening: hardening within 7-8 seconds at 170°C
  • Low impedance: original conductive particles
  • High quality: no agglutination, no large particles, no foreign matter, no particle setting
  • Long-life ACP: 2 weeks of quality assurance at 30°C, reducing the frequency of cleaning of the equipment
  • Suitable for all ACP coating systems: frictioning, dispensing, spraying
  • High reliability: small change in Q value after reliability test
  • A liquid epoxy resin adhesive

SMERF is an epoxy based anisotropic conductive paste(ACP) for RFID application.SMERF is widly applicable for all ACP supply systems such as stencil mask, needle dispense and jet dispense.We Nippon Chemical can introduce the sutable SMERRF grade to meet the customers requirements based on the bonding machine, kinds of IC and antenna.

The conductive particles are made by electroplating high quality metals on the core material without electrolysis. The conductive particles are made by coating one or two metal layers on various substrates such as high performance resin particles and metal particles. Customers can choose conductive particles according to their requirements.