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Epoxy Encapsulant

Epoxy Encapsulant

Parker Lord is a well-known manufacturer of various adhesive and encapsulant products, including epoxy encapsulants. Lord Corporation, now a part of Parker Hannifin Corporation, has a range of epoxy encapsulant products suitable for various applications.

Parker Lord's epoxy encapsulants are designed to provide protection and insulation for electronic components and devices. These encapsulants offer good adhesion, temperature resistance, and mechanical strength. They are formulated to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperatures, moisture, chemicals, and vibration.

Parker Lord provides different epoxy encapsulant options that cater to specific needs, including thermal management solutions, electrically conductive encapsulants, and low-stress encapsulants. The exact properties and benefits of their epoxy encapsulant products would depend on the specific product line or variant.

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