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American Fairfield Inc.

Hermetic Sealing Tools

Hermetic Sealing Tools

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Products List

  • Ceramic Feedthroughs - HTCC

    • Defense
    • Commercial aerospace
    • Industrial
    • Health care
    • Optical
  • Flatpacks

    • Extended bottom 
    • No bottom 
    • Special connector 
    • Fiber optic ports (tubes) 
    • Unusual lead forming 
    • Dissimilar material for ring frame & bottom
  • Machined Housings

    • A selection of housing materials to suit your application 
    • Brazed or integral optical fiber snout/ferrule
    • Thermal management bases and inserts
    • Structural ceramic inserts 
    • Thin Film Networks 
    • Glass or ceramic interconnections
  • Power Surface Mounts

    The SMD’s unique design brings together highly efficient thermal management materials in a very low weight, low profile, resistance weldable package. They are available in three standard sizes (SMD  5, SMD 1, & SMD 2) but can also be customized to meet your specific requirements.

  • Plug Ins

    Hermetic enclosures with leads or I/O’s which extend out the bottom of the enclosure. Plug-in style packages are constructed in two primary configurations…Plug-in Bathtub (PB) style and Plug-in Specials

  • Optical Windows Lids & Cover

    The most common lids are photo-etched stepped lids. These are flat lids, usually .010”-.015” thick with a photo-etched racetrack between .005”-.008” thick which runs the perimeter of the lid. These lids are designed to be seam welded into place but can also be attached using low temperature soldering or brazing. The tooling is relatively inexpensive and there are many open tools currently available for most package sizes.

  • Metal Platforms

    Metal Platform Plug-ins (PF) are hermetic plates with leads or I/O’s which extend out the bottom of the enclosure. Platform Plug-in style packages are constructed from a flat piece of metal (usually Kovar or CRS) which is forged using high speed progressive tooling. This tooling yields the highest level of production output in the shortest possible time which ultimately yields the lowest possible costs. Their vertical pin configurations also allow for easy assembly automation and ultimately higher productivity.

  • RF Connectors

    • SMP RF Connector
    • SMPM RF Connector
    • SMPS RF Connector

    Each connector design is customizable for body length, pins extensions and terminations, and multiport configuration. Solder and weld options for the connector body are also available.